Chip tuning for piaggio liberty 125 3v ie abs e4 my17 power unit


The high wheel, among the most loved & sold the world over – more than 800,000 – has been greatly renewed.Exceptionally low & increased performance thanks to the new modern 3-valve injection engine.Renewed chassis, improved ergonomics & a higher load capacity: the new Piaggio Liberty 3V is the newborn star in its segment

With more than 800,000 sold the world over Piaggio Liberty is one of the great stars of high wheel urban mobility. The great success it had right from the first day it was put on the market – in 1997 – can be put down to many factors all helping to reach the ambitious goal that has made Liberty a transversal vehicle, suitable for the public in general. Whether man or woman, expert or novice, of whatever social class or age, everyone has been able lớn appreciate its elegant and sober line, its lightness, easy to lớn ride & manoeuvre from a standing position, the practical way of lifting it up onto its stand, the performance with low & the vast range of engine capacities.

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It is now Piaggio’s best high wheel seller, in the 125 & 150 cc categories, it has been greatly renewed, especially the chassis and engine: safer, more, greater performance, more room and drastically reduced fuel and running The new Piaggio Liberty 3V was born to itself as being the “best in the class”, strong with its more than ever unbeatable unique to price ratio.


Unmistakable elegance in size and elegant in its lines, the new Liberty 3V takes the baton from a model that distinguished itself for its sober & refined design. The new Piaggio medium engine capacity high wheeler the salient features which have always distinguished Liberty, lượt thích the front headlamp, kindly triangular, & the “tie”, in other words the of the centre leg guard in relief that goes from the handlebar down almost lớn the mudguard, by now an elegant distinguishing feature of the latest generation of Piaggio The chromed inserts enhance the finishes: the elegant embellishment on which the Piaggio logo is set, the profiles of the turn indicators with transparent, the handle of the glove door and the fork stanchion guards. The easy to read instruments, including clock with date, speedometer, mileage & fuel màn chơi indicator all together with far more modern graphics. The abundance of service LEDs is with the theft immobilizer, a standard feature on Liberty 3V. Besides the chromed parts, the new look of Piaggio Liberty 3V is further enhanced by details that denote the care taken such as, for example, the rear painted handle, the luggage rack for mounting the top box và the practical pull-out passenger footboards.


Even more room và

On the new Liberty 3V the already riding và load capacity have been further improved by paying particular attention to the saddle surface & the under it. The saddle is new with a more tapered shape along the sides so it is easier for everyone, whatever their stature, khổng lồ put both feet on the ground; for the padding – both for the rider and the person riding pillion – a more foamed sản phẩm is used, upholstered with a strong slip-proof fabric. The loading capacity of the helmet has been increased 23%, going from 8.8 to 10.8 litres: this is because the battery has been moved, now in the legshield back plate box which can still be used lớn put small, everyday things in. Besides the helmet, which can house the demi jet helmet without visor, Piaggio Liberty 3V also has a luggage hook in the leg shield back plate which is extremely useful và practical for carrying other objects, taking advantage of the practical flat footboard.


Renewed chassis

The frame in high strength steel tubing is a sturdy and tested structure, imparting excellent stability and manageability to Liberty 3V besides it being so easy to lớn ride. But the vehicle’s main values change due to lớn the new dimensions of the tyres & wheel rims. Liberty 3V is shorter (1,920 milimet against the 1,935 milimet of the previous model), but it has a bigger wheelbase (1,345 mm against the 1,325 mm of the previous model) which increases the feeling of stability và safety at all speeds. The front wheel rim goes from 16 to lớn 15 inches and takes a narrower tyre but with a higher shoulder (80/90 instead of 90/80); the rear one is still 14” và takes a 100/80 tyre (in place of the previous one which was 110/80). This solution is a proper technical choice that aims at improving dynamic performance, increasing manageability and fuel The new dimensions of the rims and tyres mean optimising in absorbing irregularities thanks lớn the front tyre’s higher shoulder. Given the same braking system ( of a front 240 milimet disc on which a double piston calliper works and a rear 140 mm drum) with the new wheel dimensions, braking is even more efficient, effective, reliable and modulable.

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A highly modern engine, at the state of the art

The new Piaggio 3V engine, available in the 125cc categorie makes its début on the fourth generation of Piaggio Liberty & is state of the art in this segment. It is a single-cylinder 4 stroke engine with 3-valve single overhead camshaft timing (2 intake & 1 exhaust) and electronic injection feeding, and realised in the Piaggio Group’s R&D centre, one of the most advanced at world level. A scrupulous study is behind the design khổng lồ reduce friction & improve fluid dynamics in order to maximise performance & ensure fuel Thus, the crankshaft, with reduced rod button & bench capacity, the cam axle pivoted on the bearings and the roller rockers have allowed a reduction in friction. The 3-valve timing is new, the most effective solution khổng lồ increase performance và reduce as it improves intake, enhancing engine efficiency to lớn the 2-valve engines.

The system has been accurately analysed lớn optimise its efficiency, reaching less mechanical noise and absorbed power. The fuel injection system is extremely advanced which has automatic idle and management of the fuel mixture cycle with the introduction of an efficient Lambda probe. A latest generation ECU takes care of managing advance mapping, fuel mixture & timing. The engine used on the new Piaggio Liberty 3V stands out for its mechanical silence also thanks lớn the free-wheel electric starter which is quieter are more efficient.

Thanks to the 3-valve technology both torque & power values are improved khổng lồ the engines of the previous generation. Thanks also lớn the particular efficiency of the transmission, fuel fall drastically: Liberty 3V 125 can 59 km/l at a speed of 50 km/h, while Liberty 3V 150 reaches 57 km/l in the same In addition, the Piaggio Liberty 3V running are reduced thanks lớn scheduled servicing intervals every 10,000 km.


Versions and

Piaggio Liberty 3V is available in the 125 engine. There are three different available for the new Piaggio Liberty 3V: blue Midnight & Perla.

A range of accessories

Extraordinary attention has been paid to expanding the flexibility và ease of use of Piaggio Liberty 3V. Its town vocation is enhanced by the abundant range of accessories available, elegant và functional like the sturdy, shockproof, 4 mm thick, scratchproof windshield, the capacious đứng đầu box khổng lồ match the bodywork, the leg, the mechanical anti-theft device và the vehicle to which the new side stand with safety sensor is added that inhibits the engine starting when it is out.