Review: laneige clear

Tarandip Kaur, December 31, 2014updated the Tuesday, October 6, năm ngoái

If you’re looking to invest in a toner or serum, then look to Laneige for your next holy grail hàng hóa that’s filled lớn the brim with antioxidants.

By now, it’s evident that a good skincare regime would include products rich in vitamins và antioxidants – specifically vi-ta-min C, that’s unanimously revered for building a strong immune system, slowing the rate of damage caused by free radicals và promoting the synthesis of collagen. In case you weren’t aware, không tính tiền radicals are unstable molecules that cause dryness, fine lines và wrinkles.

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Since knowing that, we’ve stocked up our beauty cabinets with countless products boasting of such ingredients but never quite experienced its efficacy, that is until we decided to do due diligence & gave Laneige’s latest product, the Clear C Advanced Effector a prime spot on our daily routine.

Now toners và serums have attained a somewhat polarising status when deciding whether or not khổng lồ buy into the product. Certain dermatologists claim it khổng lồ be a necessary step khổng lồ ensure better absorption of other beauty products that follow while the remaining half of the board argue that they vì chưng more harm than good.

In our opinion, a lot of what works entirely depend on your individual skin needs so this is not going lớn stop us from experimenting.

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How does it work:

Formulated with 92.5% of ‘superberries’ – Acerola và Acai Berry extract – the skin essence essentially works to prevent the formation of pigmentation, freckles & delay premature signs of aging, resulting in a clear, radiant and translucent complexion. Noting that vi-ta-min C and antioxidants are ultimately unstable compounds, the Clear C Advanced Effector utilises patented Silicum Capture Technology khổng lồ stabilise the active ingredients. These silica particles absorb minerals và hydrogen negative ions to lớn better preserve the antioxidative function of the extracts.

After cleansing, this product should be your first skincare step. Simply dispense three pumps onto the centre of a cốt tông pad and dab the sản phẩm evenly all over your face. It’s worthy to lưu ý that each bottle of the Clear C Advanced Effector comes with a box of specially designed dual-sided cốt tông pads – striped side meant for day use lớn exfoliate và promote blood circulation while the untextured side is reserved for night use.

Our verdict:

Working long hours in an air-conditioned environment indubitably does damage khổng lồ my skin – more noticeably resulting in a dry & relatively dull complexion. After actively using the essence twice a day for 2 weeks, I’ve noticed my skin become a lot more smoother, supple and a tinge more radiant than usual. It helps that the lightweight texture is quickly absorbed into the skin & doesn’t leave any greasy texture – thus suitable for any skin type. This also makes the transition to lớn applying the remaining of my products a lot more faster – so adding the Clear C Advanced Effector into your regime doesn’t really take up much time.

If you’re experiencing extremely dry skin or acne outbreaks, soak the cốt tông pad with the essence & use it on the affected area for two khổng lồ three minutes for an immediate soothing effect.

The Laneige Clear C Advanced Effector (SGD56) will be available from 8 January năm ngoái at all Laneige boutiques và counters.