Chan Sung Park: मुफ़्त में डाउनलोड


Park Chan-wook made a big impact in Cannes in 2004 with his lurid revenge drama Oldboy, which took the Grand Prix from Quentin Tarantino’s jury, made a cult star of Choi Min-sik, & alerted audiences everywhere to the perils of eating live sushi. Since then, the director has been a semi-regular fixture at the festival, returning in 2009 with his literary vampire horror Thirst và again in năm nhâm thìn with The Handmaiden, a delirious, taboo-busting erotic thriller mix in 1930s Korea. Director Park’s trademark is not just his fluidity when dealing with genre but his mastery in bending it lớn his will—and Decision lớn Leave promises khổng lồ be yet another stylish, category-defying composition.

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PARK CHAN-WOOK: A detective is dispatched khổng lồ a scene of death of a man who has fallen from the mountains. There are three possibilities with this case: either he took a wrong step during a climb và he accidentally fell, or he committed suicide, or someone pushed him off the cliff. Và so, the detective calls in the wife of the dead man lớn have her confirm the identity of the man, but he notices that there’s something special about her. He doesn’t quite know what it is, & there are other detectives who are suspicious of her, but nonetheless, although he doesn’t want to lớn acknowledge this, he is unknowingly attracted to her for some reason. He feels a mixture of suspicion and this attraction, so he starts to lớn carry out an in-depth investigation on her.

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* How long have you known Jeong Seo-kyeong, and how does the collaboration work?

PARK: It was before Lady Vengeance, so let me try to lớn figure out how many years… I think I first met her around 2003 or 2004. We’ve worked on many films together. Even to this day, she’s still my best friend. The only sad thing is that now she’s become so famous that she can’t give me a lot of time . So, as I mentioned before, often we start talking about a project from a blank slate, where nothing has been determined yet, và so we constantly go back & forth. We talk, we argue và debate and let it take shape. & I really enjoy that process with her. It feels lượt thích when a baby is in the womb for nine months, it starts from a cell và then it ultimately grows into a human being. It feels like we’re watching that process through an ultrasound. Why were you both so keen khổng lồ work with Tang Wei?

PARK: Her performance in Lust, Caution left a stark impression on all of us, & there is also a film that is not well known outside of Korea—she was in a film called Late Autumn, which was really popular in Korea. And so Korean audiences are very familiar with Tang Wei, although she’s a Chinese actress, because Late Autumn was a Korean film by a Korean director . Tang Wei as an actress, she has this boldness in her, where there seems lớn be no limit khổng lồ what she can express, but at the same time, it’s very difficult lớn figure out what she’s thinking about. She’s hard to lớn read. She’s lượt thích this abyss, a deep well, and… I don’t want to gọi her mysterious, but she has this depth that makes you curious. So, she has both qualities, which is quite rare for an actor.