Aritaum full coverage liquid concealer review


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Concealer can either make or break your base biến hóa and, honestly, I seldom get it right. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect concealer sản phẩm for me and, at the moment, pretty much swear by Clio’s Kill Cover. It has been the only hàng hóa that could simultaneously give me super high coverage (because I am a night owl và definitely need it) while not making my skin look super dry and aged. However, just because I found one thing that works pretty well, doesn’t mean I’m giving up on it all!

KollectionK sent me the following product for đánh giá and I was pretty excited to try it out. My friend Sophia uses the pot version of Aritaum’s Full Cover concealer, so I had high hopes for this. I chose to đánh giá the stick version instead though, as I find it a lot handier khổng lồ carry around in my bag. I’ve used MAC’s studio sculpt pot concealer before, which had pretty good coverage, but felt it didn’t suit my on-the-go và hurry-up-you’re-late lifestyle very well.


For this product, I decided to go with their lightest shade (01 Light Beige). I usually use a 21 or a 23 in BB creams, though I have been leaning towards the 21 lately. My main concerns where it comes khổng lồ concealers is its ability lớn cover my eternal dark under eyes as well as how it blends into my base make up.

My pet peeves, và the problems that I generally look out for when testing concealers, is the dryness of the formula, any caking và ashy tones. Most people lượt thích to use this hàng hóa on đứng top of their foundation/BB cream, but I think that it actually blends better into the skin texture when it is used underneath base biến hóa – working in a similar way khổng lồ a colour corrector. Of course, this also depends on how the base hóa trang is applied (as application can make the concealer shift and sheer out).


Anyway, the packaging for the Full Cover concealer stick is quite pretty và classy – as Aritaum usually is. It’s a plastic tube so light and easy to lớn carry around (which is why I lượt thích to use stick formulas) & the cap is quite sturdy so I don’t think I will have any trouble with it accidentally opening. The thiết kế is printed on though, so may fade over time.

The concealer stick is double sided – one with the product and the other has a dense, flat brush that can be used for blending out. It’s handy to have, but I personally think that you will have better results just tapping it out with your fingers as brushes can leave it rather streaky. I personally prefer to lớn use beauty blenders and/or sponges for my base make up.

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The tube is a good form size – easy khổng lồ put into purses and not too long/short that it makes application difficult. Overall, it’s a nice và sturdy packaging, but not something that blows my mind. It’s pretty good for the price though và I always appreciate elegant, modern design aesthetics.


And that’s how it looks swatched on my hand và blended out, as well as on top of my super dark Kill đen liner (also known as my hg product). The formula is quite creamy but also rather thin in coverage. When I use it on my undereyes, I find that it is quite dry on my skin and, when blended, can actually give a rather ashy effect. The formula is thick enough for spot coverage (blemishes & so on) but I don’t think it works well for large areas.

It can blend out more naturally if it is used underneath my base make up; if you are using a more semi-matte khổng lồ matte formula, then this concealer would work well on vị trí cao nhất as well. However, as I usually use dewy foundations và BB creams, this matte finish is too much for me. Overall, I’m not too impressed by this hàng hóa (which is quite disappointing because I heard good things) và I don’t find myself reaching for it very often. I will, however, consider trying the pot formula to see if it works better.


A medium coverage, matte stick concealer


Simple & lightweight packagingElegant/modern designSturdyDouble sided (with a brush)Good colour matchEasy lớn use


Printed design can scratch offMatte formula looks too dryingMedium coverage isn’t thick enoughCan have an ashy finishBlends out too thin (can be buildable though)


Unfortunately, Aritaum has disappointed me here và I don’t think I will be repurchasing the Full Cover concealer. This is the second stick concealer (at least) khổng lồ have disappointed me – including a Nature Republic one which is also meant lớn be pretty good. I’m thinking that I’m just not meant khổng lồ use these & I should stick to liquids instead.

I would recommend this more for people with oily skin or who often use matte foundation formulas, as the consistency of this sản phẩm will definitely fit in better with your overall look.


This isn’t so much my tip, but actually Wayne Goss’ (check out his đoạn clip here) which I’ve been using every time with great results. When you are using a beauty blender khổng lồ blend out your concealer, you want it khổng lồ really melt naturally and evenly into your skin – or your base foundation. Rather than simply blending it out, use Wayne’s technique of really pressing it into the skin. The results are flawless. Seriously.


If you’re interested in getting this product, or some others like the Aritaum liquid or cream pot concealer, kiểm tra out KollectionK. The stick concealer is currently retailing on their website for AUD$9.66: