Singer shocks the 'bgt' judges with a death metal cover of 'let it go'


Amanda Holden has left one Britain’s Got Talent hopeful out in the after his audition failed to impress.

Bạn đang xem: Singer shocks the 'bgt' judges with a death metal cover of 'let it go'

The BGT judge was seen rejoicing in a preview of this week’s show, when the opening notes of Let It Go from Disney’s Frozen started khổng lồ play. But Amanda was in for a shock when the, Aaron Marshall, began khổng lồ sing.

The throaty, Goth rendition was a far cry from Idina Menzel’s original version and Amanda wasn’t too happy about it and immediately hit her red buzzer in an attempt khổng lồ get him off the stage.

Simon, Alesha Dixon & David Walliams saw the funny side & laughed along with the bewildered audience.

But Amanda had a sense of humour failure as she sat unsmilingly with her arms crossed và announced: “It’s like Satan is singing it,” before pointing off stage and saying: “Get off!”

Despite the initial shock of his unusual style, the audience joined in to sing along to lớn the much-loved chorus, by Alesha.

Ant and Dec pointed out from the side of the stage that Aaron was being drowned out by the audience, proving how popular Frozen songs are, no matter how they are sung.

Britain’s Got Talent airs on Saturday at 8pm on ITV.

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